Print Of The Week: IKONIK series by Darling Clementine

Every so I often I come across a design or illustration that sends me into an enthusiastic frenzy. This happened again last week when I discovered the amazing IKONIK series by a Norwegian duo who call themselves Darling Clementine. I completely love everything about this series. The shapes look like rough paper cut-outs and the use of the same 3 or 4 colours is just really inspiring. This work is so close the the kind of designs I’m working towards. If you look at my previous post you’ll see how the colours i’ve been using are rather similar. Take a look at their full range on the Darling Clementine website.

IKONIK_21_FRONT-1300x928 IKONIK_19_FRONT-1300x928  IKONIK_18_FRONT-1300x928  IKONIK_10C-1300x928

Pattern Inspiration from Crumbs and Doilies

web1 copy

Lately i’ve been working on some repeat patterns for a notebook cover and have been playing around with layouts and colour combinations. It’s really tough when designing to make decisions and stick to them; it’s very tempting to add too much of everything. The other day I bought a cupcake from Crumbs and Doilies and the packaging it came in gave me a great idea. I took the design I was working on, spaced everything out and make objects a lot smaller. I’m super pleased with the result, it’s amazing how a bit of space can change the feel of a pattern. I can see this working on wrapping paper, a t-shirt or notebook.

  web1 copy


Print of the Week: Sanna Annukka for Marimekko

My print of the week is a pretty special one because it involves two of my favourite textile artists. Last year Sanna Annukka created some designs for Marimekko for their Autumn Winter collection. I noticed them in the Boxpark pop-up shop a few months ago and they made me a bit short of breath. Sanna has a distinct style, using folk art with strong modern colours to create stunning designs. The range she has made for Marimekko are playful, bold and daring. I am completely in ore. Her use of colours are really inspiring, especially as I find myself using the same colours over and over again. Visit the Marimekko website for the full range or if you live in London check out the Boxpark Shop near Shoreditch st.

536 sanna-kukkuluuruu


Getting Good Product Shots

For the last few months I have been endlessly trying to get some good product shots of these bags and cushions. I’ve bought white paper, moved furniture about and have generally been making a mess with absolute zero success. I started thinking about finding a good outside location to take these shots. I then remembered that the front door to our flat his a lovely shiny black colour so I thought it give it a wipe down and test it out. I’m pretty pleased with the results, it’s a very handy and cheap alternative to hiring a studio. These tote bags are all hand screenprinted onto thick cotton and are available from my etsy shop at a bargain price!


20141129_110950  20141109_151506 20141109_151925


Ohh Deer it’s my First Pillow Fight

I decided to enter the pillow fight competition this year to challenge myself. I chose the strawberry design I printed a few months ago as it’s quite simple and colourful. People vote by liking each design via the facebook/twitter links on the website. Unbelievably I managed to reach the top 6 “most viral” on Saturday and the Black Berry design now has 66 likes and two sales! I’d love to know who bought these to see some pictures! If you would like to vote for my designs follow the links below and click the Facebook “like” button. Thank you!


Mixed Berry and Black Berry Cushion.


Blue Berry and Big Berry Cushion.

Print of the Week: Abacus By Paul Rand

This weeks Print of the Week goes to Paul Rand. You may not recognise his name but you would certainly have seen his work as he designed the famous IBM and the UPS logo. I love his early book covers from the 1950’s but this design is my absolute favourite. This was originally a photogram that was used for his book Thoughts on Design and printed onto fabric. I love these colours and might try that combination out myself!

Textile, Abacus, ca. 1946paul-rand-thoughts-on-design



Punk Posters Get Swissted

Mike Joyce is a designer from New York who has had the clever idea of re-designing old punk/indie band posters using a slick Swiss Modernist style. He uses the same Akzidenz Grotesk font throughout his series and has managed to create a collection of charming, playful and beautifully minimal designs.


I actually wrote about these posters about 2 years ago but his work seems even more relevant to me now that i’m screen printing and designing patterns. These pieces are very inspiring and remind me of the Ogami notebooks featured here a few weeks ago. Some of these designs below seem to reflect the direction my work is taking at the moment. I’ve always dreamed about owning a swanky loft apartment by the Thames with a few of these posters on the wall. I haven’t quite fulfilled that dream but I have finally ordered the book which includes an impressive 200 posters. You can visit his personal site at swissted.



Psychedelic Circles


Last week I ventured back into the studio with a bunch of new fabric that i’ve sourced from a lovely place up north. I decided to try overlaying two colours on a large scale to see if it would look good. The day started of really badly with a few terrible prints and an exposed screen that just disintegrated when I washed it. I kept at it though and after 3 hours of faffing and moaning I managed to get my first colour down.

Once I started on the second colour I lifted up the screen and was so chuffed with the results I actually cried! It was the first time I’d printed something that is 90% perfect (minus a few image glitches here and there.)



I have to say the new fabric i’m using is just gorgeous to print on and at half the price of my regular fabric. All this hard work is starting to pay off! I’ll probably make some tote bags from this and am designing some printed tags to go with them.

Print of the Week: Lulu and Luca

There are certain designers and printers that never fail to inspire me and Lula and Luca is one of them. It’s just one woman whose textiles are screen-printed and hand sewn into cushions and bags. I popped along to this months Crafty Fox Market in Brixton, saw her stall in the corner and bagged myself one of her large purses. It even inspired me to make some larger purses of my own which means I can use some offcuts of my bigger patterns designs.